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Located on Washington St. East, in the old Daniel Boone Building, between Capitol St. and Summers St.

For Immediate Assistance please call the cafe 304.342.2443
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2 days ago

A rainy Friday calls for a delicious lunch! Order a Big Ed Burger Special & dine-in or pick up or get some office buddies together and order delivery. Plenty of options.

3 days ago

Stop in today for our Swiftwater Honey Mustard Ham Sandwich Special! It's topped with swiss, lettuce & tomato and comes with your choice of side and a drink.

6 days ago

Does anyone else hear Napoleon Dynamite when you read the word quesadilla? Ok just me. Stop by & get yourself a dang quesadilla!

1 week ago

Did you know that Burgers account for 60% of all sandwiches sold? Or that on average, Americans eat 14 BILLION burgers every year - that equals out to more then 440 burgers per second. Don't give it ... See more

1 week ago
New Study Shows Correlation Between Employee Engagement And The Long-Lost Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are important. Duh. Now it's proven to be healthier to leave your office for lunch. We fully endorse a delicious Swiftwater lunch followed by increased productivity. ... See more

Encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout the day, including lunch breaks, is an easy way for employers to boost employee wellness along with work performance.

1 week ago

The rain held off for today's Brown Bag Lunch Concert! Which means you can pick up our Big Ed Burger Special and head on over to the United Bank Plaza for live music 🎶 at lunch!

1 week ago

Looking for something delicious to serve at your office for an upcoming meeting? We've got ya covered, and we will even set it all up for you to make it easy.

Check out our catering menu at ... See more

1 week ago

Mondays are better if you have lunch plans, stop in for our Swiftwater Grilled Chicken Sandwich special with your choice of side and a drink!

2 weeks ago

TGIF with our Big Ed Burger Special! Let your weekend start at lunch 🍔🥤

2 weeks ago

Today's Special is our Swiftwater Pizza Grilled Cheese! Stop in and switch up your "regular" for something special!

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