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About Us

Written By Teddy Queen

 Lisa and I met while attending Marshall University.  I met her on campus and invited her to go whitewater rafting with me on the New River where I was working as a river guide.  After that, we were inseparable.  I graduated from MU with a degree in Business Management.  I left WV and moved to Atlanta, GA accepting a position with a fortune 500 company.  Soon after I asked Lisa to marry me, she too left our beloved state and joined me in GA for 4 years.  Lisa worked as a Nurse Practitioner. 

 After the birth of our 1st child, a son named Bode, the homesick feeling we already suffered continued to grow.  After thinking long and hard we made a mutual decision to move back home.  Although we would be giving up financial security we felt it was worth more to be home.

My Dad, Eddie Queen, had been running a lunch joint called “Big Ed’s Café”.  After hearing of our wishes to come home he generously offered to turn ownership over to us.  We agreed and that is how Swiftwater Café came about.

Since 2003 we have been striving to make continual improvements, while providing the Downtown Charleston area with quality breakfast and lunch options.  Our wishes are to offer our customers friendly, fast service, while setting new standards for quality and customer service downtown.  At the same time we also want to share our love of West Virginia and the swiftwater rivers in our state.

My family has grown to include Adeline, Bode, and Henry the dog

My staff and I work long hard hours to provide service Monday-Friday while my wife works as nurse practitioner.  Any free time we have, we spend it on a piece of land we own on Beauty Mountain by the New River where we started our life together.  We are building our future one lunch at a time.

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